Opal Watch 6214


Mosaic Opal face


Please note that the video shown on this page is for this opal watch

Also note that the current bands for this watch are dark green and dark blue please ask for pictures

Some pictures of the green band are shown here



Field: Coober Pedy(Australia)


Size: Gents:19×14 mm Ladies:13x8mm

(Please state which and check stock)


Shipping: Free

Packaging:  Gem pouch


Guarantee:  International

References: testimonials 


Questions?  Contact us here

Member: American Opal Society.


Watch varieties

Different types are ‘couple’ matching watches, divers, fashion, designer, gemstone etc

The Opal watch here is in the gemstone category.

In this case the face is made from opal set by hand in a mosaic form



1 in stock


Gem quality opal mosaic watch with black leather band

Opal Watch

Please note that the video shown above is for this opal watch, not 6214

Type :  Mosaic face  Size: 19×14 mm and 13x8mm  face  Movement: Guaranteed (not just for a year) International Certificate attached

Band: Black Leather  Numerals: Roman  Source of Opal:  Coober Pedy, South Australia  Colors: Multiple. All varieties of the spectrum

Suit: Ladies and gents. One ladies in stock. Possible re order. Please ask if gents required.  Packaging: FREE black velvet pouch

Shipping: FREE

Comments:  At opalmine, we don’t expect our products to stop working in just a year. We are happy to care for any problems that develop with anything we sell on an ongoing basis. We encourage you particularly with watches to treat them with care.

This is a dress watch, more of a jewelry item than just a time piece, so please care for it as you would any other jewelry. But as stated, we are here for you if you ever need to contact us.



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