opal unset 2510


Opal Unset Crystal

Size:28.5 x 21.5 mm

weight: 20.3 carats

Shape:  oval

Field:  Coober Pedy

Shipping:  Free

Guarantee:  International perpetual

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Crystal Opal definition

Crystal opal is an opal without a dark background.  This one is basically opaque but unlike black opal, you can see into it.  The color is not just on the surface.  Crystal opals have a more delicate paler complexion than black and boulder opals which are more stark and dramatic.

Some of the pictures show some pink areas which are not actually there in the stone.  The camera sometimes gets confused when photographing opal which is probably one of the most difficult items to present photographically. The stone is basically green-blue with some yellow and variations of the three colors.



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