opal unset 2025


Crystal Opal unset

Field: Coober Pedy (Australia)

Stone Size: 3 or 4 mm

Weight: unlisted

Shipping: Free

Packaging:  Gem pouch

Guarantee:  International

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Member: American Opal Society.  ‘Unset opal’

This means that the stones are not set into jewelry. In other words they are cut and polished ready for setting

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Opal Unset: Crystal Opal

Small genuine Australian solid crystal opals calibrated to 3 or 4 mm round.

Type: Genuine Australian solid crystal opal unset

Size: 3 and 4 mm   Field: Coober Pedy, South Australia   Total Carats: There are various parcels of this quality. Prices depend on amount  and size of stones required Status: unset   Shape: round

Note:  Price shown is an indication only. please inquire for full details

crystal Opal:

The Coober Pedy mines in the southern states of Australia is the place where the worlds largest opal field exists. There has been so much work done there over the years that at times you would be forgiven in thinking that you are looking at the craters of the moon. Of course in the old times most of the work was done with a pic and shovel but nowadays huge bulldozers, backhoes and excavators do the job and this has increased the output of crystal opal.

Guarantee: We don’t put a limit on our guarantees. We don’t expect our workmanship to last for just a year. With sensible care, we expect it to last a lifetime so if you have any problems along the way, please contact us. We are here to serve you, not to just make a sale.

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