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Crystal Opal unset

The term ‘Unset opal ‘means that the stones are not set into jewelry.

In other words they are cut and polished ready for setting

Field: Lightning Ridge (Australia)

Stone Size: 9×8 mm

Weight: 2.00 cts


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Opal Unset: Dark Opal crystal

Gem grade bright multi-colored dark solid opal crystal with a nice high dome.

Opal Unset Type: Genuine Australian solid dark opal crystal  Carat Weight: 2.0  No. of stones: 1   Size: 9 x 8 mm Source: Lightning Ridge opal fields

 Dark Opal  crystal Description:

The term can be a bit confusing because some think that black opal is black but in actual fact, it’s the darkness or blackness of the background that gives the stone its name.

If you look closely you will see some tiny black marks in the stone which are an indication that this is a real dark opal and not a synthetic

So black opals are of the family of Dark opals, whereas White and Crystal opal come from the Light opal family. So, all black opals are dark opals but not all dark opals are black opals. The darkness varies between mid-grey to really pitch black.

This gem grade dark opal comes from the Lightning Ridge Opal fields. Stones like this are becoming rarer as the opal fields are running out. The price of Opal, unlike many gemstones, is influenced by supply and demand, not by international cartels who agree on price increases.

Hence, opal is destined to go up in value as the supply becomes more restricted which is happening at present.

The color of these stones is completely natural, in contrast to diamonds [for example] which depends on man-made facets to reflect the spectrum colors.

The patterns and shapes that present themselves in Black opal are amazing and the ‘change of color’ evident has to be seen to be believed and is only approximated by means of photography.

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