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Unpolished sliced Yowah nut specimen showing naturally formed kernels of opal potch and color.

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Opal Specimens

Opal Specimen: Boulder Opal

Type: Genuine Australian solid boulder opal specimen   Size: 62x44x19 mm   Field: Western Queensland opal mines, Australia   Basic Shipping:  FREE   Approx. Delivery time:  One to two weeks (depending on country of destination)

Opal Specimen Description:

Unpolished sliced Yowah nut specimen showing kernels of opal potch and color. All naturally formed straight out of the ground.

Yowah Nut:

A ‘Yowah nut’ is really a small boulder opal which is found in the Yowah opal mine in southwestern Queensland, not far from the town of Cunnamulla.

The reason its called a ‘nut’ is that the smallish lumps of boulder opal have a similarity to a nut. When the rough opal piece is sliced with a diamond saw, after probably a thousand efforts to find the color, eventually you could find a ‘kernel’ of brilliant opal color, often mixed with all sorts of patterns and colors that will amaze you.

Opal SpecimensOpal Yowah nuts are often kept as rough specimens for collectors, or fashioned into finished gems to be worn as rings, pendants, bracelets and all sorts of other jewelry.

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