opal specimen 8514


Very large solid boulder opal specimen with fascinating patterns from the Koroit opal fields.

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Opal Specimens

Opal Specimens: Boulder Opal from the western Queensland opal fields

Opal Specimen Size: 130 x 100 x 60 mm   Opal Type: Solid Genuine Australian boulder opal

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Explanation of Boulder opal Specimens:

Contrary to common belief, black boulder opals are not black. They were given this name many years ago when the first prospectors who found them were astounded to see the dark brilliant colors coming from an opal that traditionally was considered a light colored stone.

The Europeans had long known the value of precious opal from the Hungarian mines which as far as we know where all pale or light colored stones. Then, when opal was found in White Cliffs, and Coober Pedy, most of the stones were pale.

Black Boulder Opal was one of the first stones found in Australian opal history.

It’s the dark in the background of the opal that causes the color to throw forward and have denseness and dynamic that the more delicate pale opal does not have.

The recent opal nomenclature (official naming) has identified boulder opals, if they have the same very dark background as Lightning Ridge, as Black Opals. So properly they can be termed black boulder opal.

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