Opal Specimen 8500


Opal specimen: Boulder Opal


Field: Queensland (Australia)


Largest Stone Size: 87×62  mm

Shipping: Free

Packaging:  Gem pouch


Guarantee:  International

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Rough Opal Defined

Rough opal comes as ‘mine run’ or as ‘cleaned up’ material.


The first term means that the opal comes either just as it is found in the ground or near to it.


This has the disadvantage of being burdened with a lot of valueless weight.


Generally we clean it up to save this expense.

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Opal Specimen Boulder

A very large sample of brilliantgreen-bluee opal specimen boulder set on opal ironstone from the Winton field. Triangular in shape, ready to be displayed in your favorite collectors corner. Pieces like this don’t come often.  Ask for more details in the blog below.

This exceptionally large piece can be re cut to suit someone who likes really large pendants. Please leave your inquiry in the chat forum on the front page of this site.


We are currently processing many more specimens for this section. Please register your interest in the blog below if you would like to see some by email attachment.


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