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Rubs and rough opal from the Australian opal mines ready for completion by you.

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Opal Rubs from the Mintabie and Coober Pedy opal fields Australia

These opal parcels are actually still in a rough state, having been sliced out of the mine run opal and presented to the serious opal cutter or lapidary hobbyist in a form that means the color can be examined before purchase.

There is nothing more disappointing than to buy rough gemstones that look ok but when they are processed, little or no opal color is the result. All that happens is that you spend a lot of money in the hope of finding something, along with the cost of heavy freight, only to find that the resultant finished opals don’t even cover your expenses.

Opal rubbed parcels from 

We here at opalmine have overcome this problem by removing most of the waste potch to reveal the color and to reduce the weight. This means that you can work on the opal using your knowledge of lapidary and get results that will double your purchase money in value and still give you the opportunity to work on your stones and bring them into a condition where they suit your eventual goal.

Whether to use them in some sort of jewelry setting such as pendants, rings, brooches, etc, or to just keep them in your gemstone collection.  You are able to reshape and work on the best presentation using your own initiative. Size of the largest opal is 37×26 mm which is approximately one and a half inches by one inch. This is a very large opal with lots of red in it.  The coin seen in the picture for comparison reasons is a Euro which is just a little larger than an American dime and about the size of an Australian 5c piece. 

Opal Cutting help:

If you need assistance in learning how to cut and polish opal, please go to this page online or check the information at the opalmine site.   Please go here to read what our customers say about our service. Keep in mind that shipping is free with this order and please don’t hesitate to ask us at opalmine live chat if you have any questions without obligation to buy anything. This is a service based site.

Guarantee: International guarantee that does not end in one year.  See our long lasting reputation 


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