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Genuine Australian solid boulder rub opals ready to be cut and polished.

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Opal rubs from the Winton opal fields of Australia

Seven boulder opal rough pieces in rub form which means that the boulder ironstone has been cleaned away making the opal ready to be completed in the shape and style that you prefer. Sometimes these rubs can be cut into smaller pieces to be used in rings and bracelets. But often they are left the same size as the rub to be fashioned into pendants at times with a hole drilled through one end allowing for a silver bale to be fitted.

Opal rubs sizes identified by a popular coin.

The actual size of the stones can be seen by comparing them with the dime coin shown at the bottom which, as you can read is 17.5 mm or 11/16″.

This parcel like all our opals for sale has the price of shipping included so there is no more to pay.

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