Opal Ring 5459


Black opal ring stone set in heavy sterling silver

This is a natural black opal from the Australian Lightning Ridge field. Designer features plain silver bezel to emphasize the beauty of the stone

 Opal Type:   Solid Black Opal      Size of opal:  13×7 mm which is approximately a half inch by a quarter of an inch. The finger size is 7 in USA size or ‘n’ in British and Australian sizes    Metal:  925 Sterling Silver non-tarnish.    Origin:   Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia

All the way from the Australian Opal fields at Lightning Ridge. The actual color of this stone is slightly lighter than the picture. It has a wonderful broad flash to it that cannot be seen in the picture.

It also has some wonderful floral patters, mainly brilliant green but in different shades ranging from bright lighter green to contrasting darker greens. It is a nice straightforward design consisting of substantial silver with heavy shanks that will not wear out easily.

The opal is set in bezel fashion which means that it is held in by the silver which is rolled in against the edge of the stone.

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Opal Ring

About Black Opals:

Black opal rings are often out of the reach of most people’s pockets, but the beauty of opal is two pronged.

Not only is it probably the most unique stone in the world because of its change of color, but there are endless varieties intensities, shapes, sizes and patterns.

Black opal rings come in lots of degrees of darkness.

The ones that are not so dark in the background are more affordable and yet the dramatic color that is reflected is still outstanding.

As is the case with this little beauty, nicely contrasted with yellow gold metal of the ring and priced to be affordable.

Supplier:   Backed by 40 years of reliable service to the gemstone industry. As with all our opals at www.opalmine.com these select pieces come with an international guarantee.

If something goes wrong with them due to our negligence they will be replaced without question.

Note: The Opal ring comes dressed in a really nice velveteen jewelry box or gift pouch and the price of handling and shipping is all included in this price. There is no more to pay.

Keep in mind too that our guarantee does not run out in a year. Please take a look at a list of happy customers who have given us some nice references. 


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