Opal Ring 5435


Boulder Opal Ring


Field: Queensland (Australia)

Stone Size:  23×22 mm

Metal:  925 Sterling Silver

Finger Size: U.S: 12    U.K: Y

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Packaging:  Gem pouch

Guarantee:  International

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Member: American Opal Society.


Ring Varieties

There are multitudes of different types of finger rings. Most well known are wedding bands, engagement, friendship, school rings, Signet, dress etc.

The ring shown here could be described as a dress ring but it can be adapted to wedding and friendship as well.


Shipping: FREE.

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Opal Ring – cream opal

Unusual triangular boulder opal ring featuring cream opal with flash of green in an artistic abstract pattern. This boulder opal ring is totally unique in the world.

Boulder opal ring Description:  

With synthetics taking over our clothes, our gemstones and our food, it’s nice to wear something that is right out of the ground. This amazing piece has precious opal mixed with the natural ironstone ‘mother.’

The effect is often amazing with all sorts of shapes and patterns that add interest to the jewelry.

Opal Boulder abstracts

The term ‘abstract’ is one that we at opalmine have coined ourselves out of frustration to know what to call these amazing free form boulder opal stones.  Over the years they have had various names.

The old miners and opal cutters called them ‘fun stones’ because at the time everyone thought that the only thing people would be interested in was the opal itself.

Little did we realize that the opal in combination with the boulder ironstone would have such an appeal that at times it even eclipses the demand for full faced opals.

Winton is where you will find amazing stones like this one. Please take a look at this link to find out more about this interesting place.

If you would like to ask a question about this ring, please leave your comments in the blog in the ‘reviews and comments’ section. 

Additional information

Finger Size:

U.S: 12 U.K: Y


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