Opal pendant Bargains 4287a

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Opal Triplet Pendant

Field: Coober Pedy
Size: 7×5 or 8×6 mm
Metal: gold plated
Shipping: Free
Packaging:  Gem bag
Guarantee:  International
References: testimonials 
Style: mixed
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What is an Triplet Opal?

These are made from crystal opal that has been cut into thinner slices and backed by a black background.
The stone is protected with a clear crystal high domed cap which protects the stone and amplifies the color so that the effect is very dramatic.
Triplet opals, although much cheaper than black opals, often exhibit more dynamic color than black opals.
Testimonials: Go here to read what just a few of the many thousands of customers say about us over the past 40 years giving opal service to the world.
Free late gift card: In regard to using them as gifts, if you are running late for a gift deadline as often is the case, opalmine has devised a convenient and free service to help relieve the situation. We provide by email, a ‘late gift’ card which builds anticipation for the opal gift being given.
This card is appreciated nearly as much as the gift itself. All we need  is for you to give us the first names of the giver and receiver.

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Great idea for inexpensive gifts. Small opal triplet set in gold plated pendant. Economically priced pendant from Coober Pedy fields, South Australia.

Opal Pendant Bargains-Triplet opal set as neat pendant low priced

Colors:  Please note that colors and patterns will vary with each batch but you can be assured of satisfaction. Available in lots of 10,20,50,100

Feel free to ask questions about bulk supplies or add your comments in the blog below 



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