Opal Pendant 4320


Opal pendant: Opal boulder with dynamic green opal spot against natural boulder opal ironstone

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Opal Pendant: Brilliant Natural Opal from the Winton opal fields.

Stones: Boulder opal  Size: 18×13 mm. (approx. 3/4″ x 1/2″)  Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Late gift: If you have a deadline to meet for this gift, please take advantage of our free ‘late gift’ card which often goes over as well as the gift itself. Just email us the names of the giver and receiver

Lovely Opal boulder from the western Queensland fields, set in pure sterling silver 925. Large stones like this are often not easy to find.

Please check the opal encyclopedia on this site for full definitions of these stones.

A quality chain and leather hanger comes free with this opal pendant, complete with a black velvet presentation pouch. If it’s a gift, all you have to do is re wrap it and include a nice card. If you would like our bonus gift card with your order, please leave a message below.

Please note that the graphics shown are only an example. this item is constantly changing because of demand. just let us know your color preference. either red or blue and green. We will endeavor to comply as much as possible.

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