Opal Pendant 4255



Opal crystal and doublet pendant


Field: Coober Pedy (Australia)


Stone Size: 20×14 mm

Metal:  925 Sterling Silver


Chain or leather included



Packaging:  Gem pouch

Guarantee:  International


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Member: American Opal Society.


Definition of ‘pendant’


A piece of jewellery that hangs from a chain worn round the neck.

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Opal Pendant

Bright red opal with double extension crystal opal beads in this very unique opal pendant, set in sterling silver- FREE CHAIN AND SHIPPING.

Doublet and Solid Crystal Opal

Opal doublets are created from natural crystal opal. In some cases the opal is not thick enough so it is then attached to natural black opal potch or some other dark material that gives the opal support and a dark background so the stone has a more striking appearance.

So buying a doublet opal gives you still the natural stone and color you are looking for without paying a fortune.

Another free service for your opal pendant

Keep in mind that we have a free ‘late gift card’ service just in case you need it. Please ask about it in the blog below if you are buying this item for a gift and you have left it a little late to get to you on time. We can email the card to you for printing. Just give us the first names of the giver and receiver.

Note: The Opal ring comes dressed in a really nice velveteen jewelry box or gift pouch and the price of handling and shipping is all included in this price. There is no more to pay. Keep in mind too that our guarantee does not run out in a year. Please take a look at a list of happy customers who have given us some nice references. 


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