Opal pendant 4248


Opal Pendant

Type: Opal doublet  Field: Coober Pedy  Size: 5mm round  Metal: Silver

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Definition of ‘pendant’

A piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn around the neck.

Doublet opal pendant bargains

What are Doublet Opals?

Opal doublets are created from natural crystal opal. They are a way of producing a really nice opal that has the same effect as black opal that can be used in jewelry.
Because the opal is not thick enough, it would be unstable to set in a ring (for example) so the opal is attached to a black opal or some other dark material that gives the opal both support and a dark background color that throws the color forward and gives the opal a more striking appearance.
Doublet opals are more affordable to the average person who may not be able to afford many thousands of dollars, and the great thing about it is that you would still be wearing a natural non-synthetic opal that has the appearance of something very expensive.

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Opal Pendant

Star design scroll-shaped sterling silver pendant with bright green-blue genuine opal from Coober Pedy.

Opal Pendant scroll shape

designer scroll shape opal pendant with bright green-blue colors set in sterling silver




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