Opal Pendant 4245


Boulder Opal Pendant


Field: Queensland (Australia)

Stone Size:  20×12 mm

Metal:  Silver Color: White

Chain or leather thong incl.


Packaging:  Gem pouch


Guarantee:  International


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Member: American Opal Society.


Origin of this Opal


Queensland  is the only place in the world as far as we can tell, where boulder opal is found.


Boulder opals vary between small ‘nuts’ found in Yowah and Koroit to the south of the state.


Larger boulders with veins of opal range from Quilpie in the south to Winton area in the north.

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Opal Pendant

Opal pendant assembled with an interesting rectangular boulder opal showing brilliant greens and blues. FREE chain and Shipping

Boulder Opal Pendant information

Boulder opals are like black opals except that brown ironstone is associated with the stone instead of black potch


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