Opal Pendant 4002


Boulder Opal Pendant

Field: Queensland (Australia)  Stone Size: 16×12 mm  Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

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Origin of this Opal

 Queensland is the only place in the world as far as we can tell, where boulder opal is found.

Boulder opals vary between small ‘nuts’ found in Yowah and Koroit to the south of the state.

Larger boulders with veins of opal range from Quilpie in the south to the Winton area in the north.

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Opal Pendant Boulder

Deep green features against boulder ironstone opal pendant from the Western Qld fields, Australia, set in sterling silver

Opal Pendant Description

With synthetics taking over our clothes, our gemstones, and our food, it’s nice to wear something that is right out of the ground. These amazing pieces have precious opal mixed with the natural ironstone ‘mother.’  The effect is often amazing with all sorts of shapes and patterns that add interest to the jewelry.


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