Opal Earrings 6124


Opal triplet earrings

Field: Coober Pedy (Australia)


Stone Size:   6×4 mm


Type:  Drop


Metal: Silver  Color: yellow


Shipping: Free

Packaging:  Gem pouch


Guarantee:  International


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Member: American Opal Society.


Earring types

Earrings can be very tiny or larger either as rounds or ovals that fit right on to the earlobe that has been pierced.


The earring is held by either butterfly clips or clutches.


Earrings also dangle and are called ‘drops’ These can be attached by jewelry ‘fishhooks’ or clamps.


They also come as screw or clamp fittings which don’t necessitate piercing.


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Opal Earrings: 

Genuine Australian green opal from Coober Pedy fields set in sterling silver gold plate.

Amount:   2  (stones)   Type: Genuine Australian opal triplets    Origin:  Coober Pedy opal fields   Size of largest opal:    6×4 mm   Metal:  925 Sterling Silver gold plated   Shipping: Free   Packaging:  Free velvet box or pouch Guarantee:  International Perpetual

Note: Colors may vary from one batch to the other.  All will be brilliant gems

Opal earrings details:

Triplet opals are made from crystal opal that has been cut into thinner slices and backed by a black background. The stone is protected with a clear crystal high domed cap which protects the stone and amplifies the color so that the effect is very dramatic.

Triplet opals, although much cheaper than black opals, often exhibit more dynamic color than black opals. Keep in mind that colors will vary with each batch but all are guaranteed to be absolutely stunning. much nicer than the pictures because you will see a play of color

Shipping: Included in price which means that after you make the order you don’t get any nasty surprises about extra costs associated with your purchase. We cover the freight and guarantee.

If you are running late in receiving your gift please take note of our ‘free late opal gift card’. All you need to do is send us the name of the giver and receiver and we will email it to you for printing.

Note: The Opal earrings come dressed in a really nice velveteen jewelry box or gift pouch. Keep in mind too that our guarantee does not run out in a year. Please take a look at a list of happy customers who have given us some nice references. 



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