Opal Earrings 6104


Genuine Australian solid faceted crystal opal earrings set in silver.

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Opal Earrings: Faceted Crystal Opal

Size: 10×8 mm.

This picture does not show but they come with drop fittings and spare butterfly clamps.

Unusual faceted  solid crystal opal from the Coober Pedy field, South Australia

Faceted opal:

What is the difference between a faceted opal and a cabochon?  Basically a cabochon opal is a stone with a rounded or domed top. It apparently comes from a French word meaning ‘Bald Head’   But in the case of faceted stones, it just means that the opal has been cut with facets so that the light bounces off from different angles and adds sparkle to the stone without having to have a variety of colors like most other Australian opals. This is just a different way of presenting the stone and gives a fresh approach to opals which are generally cut with a domed top.

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