Opal Earrings 6002


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Opal Earrings

Opal Earrings – black opals are difficult to match. Opal earrings illustrated here indicate that each stone is unique in itself and at best you can see that the features match but not exactly. this is the beauty and the uniqueness of this marvelous stone cut right out of mother earth without the addition of synthetics of any kind.

Opal Earrings 6002 are a stunning green-blue natural black opal

Opal field:  Black opal Lightning Ridge fields  Opal picture guide here

Shape:  Free-form

Size: 6×4 mm

Additional stones: Solitaire

Metal:  14k yellow gold

Black opals have a natural dark or black background, in this case, Black potch in the background of the color causes the hues to be denser and more dramatic.  They are unique in the world to the state of New South Wales, Australia

Black Opals are mined in Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia which gives you the assurance that you are getting a gem that is secure and will not lose its color like so many stones from wet areas of the earth do. This particular stone has a more delicate crystal and translucent appearance which is totally fascinating.

These gems have had thousands of years to dry out and solidify in the Australian outback heat. The brilliant color comes in small veins throughout the mother stone which is brown ironstone.

The opal cutter uses diamond blades to extract the color and has to decide the direction of the clean-up process which is a very skillful time-consuming job.

These opals are not porous which means they will not suck water or moisture into them when exposed to dampness such as when washing your hands or taking a shower.

As with all our jewelry collection, it comes with an international guarantee and you will also get a surprise gift with each order as well as free international shipping.  If you are making a gift to someone and you have left it a bit late, ask us about our special ‘late gift card’ free service which is so successful that often its nearly as good as the gift itself because it builds anticipation.


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