Crystal opal rough 8532


 Genuine Australian solid crystal opal rough.

Opal Rough Type: Genuine Australian solid rough crystal opal   Origin:  Coober Pedy, South Australia,  opal fields   Size of opal:  32x30x20 mm   Weight:   grams available on request   Guarantee:  International Perpetual

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The picture here does not do justice to this amazing piece of crystal opal.

Please request another picture or if you like, have the stone sliced to reveal the glorious color inside. Some cutters prefer to do this themselves and that is why it has been left as is.

Contact:  Please inquire in opalmine live chat if you would like to have some suggestions on design or have any questions without obligation to buy anything. This is a service based site.

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Crystal opal rough

About Crystal Opal:

Coober Pedy is the international capital for crystal opal or white opal in the world. The two types of opal are distinguished by the fact that white opal is opaque in that the color rests on the surface of the opal and is not translucent. Crystal opal is more translucent which gives it great depth and intrigue, creating this arresting display of opal color. Often it is actually Opalized shells from ancient inland seas.

Reputation: 40 years reliable service in opal industry. Please note that our international guarantee does not last just a year. It goes on indefinitely. If you would like to hear from our happy customers please take a look at our testimonials and recommendations.




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