Boulder Opal Ring 5458


Boulder Opal Ring

Field: Queensland (Australia)

Stone Size:  12×7 mm

Metal:  925 Sterling Silver

Finger Size:  P – 8  U.S

Shipping: Free

Packaging:  Gem pouch

Guarantee:  International

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Member: American Opal Society.

Ring Varieties

There are multitudes of different types of finger rings. Most well known are wedding bands, engagement, friendship, school rings, Signet, dress etc.

The ring shown here could be described as a dress ring but it can be adapted to wedding and friendship as well.


Winton is at the northern end of the famous boulder opal fields in Western Queensland.

These stones which were probably the first black opals found in Australia in the middle of the 19th century.

They are similar to the Lightning Ridge Black opal except that they have dark brown ironstone back instead of black potch.

This stone features  lovely green one side of the stone against a background of natural ironstone


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Green flashes of color mixed with brown ironstone boulder opal ring set in heavy 925 sterling silver.

Boulder opal ring green color in ironstone

International registered airmail to your door or post office, and the boulder opal ring comes dressed in a lovely black gift box or gem pouch, ready to be either gifted or stored in your jewelry collection. There is no more to pay.

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Source of Boulder opal

These gems come from a wide variety of places in the continent of Australia ranging from the southern border of Queensland up to Winton and the little location of Opalton further north.

There is a lot of work done bringing a gem like this to a point where it can be used as a ring stone. Giant diamond blades have to break down the huge boulders into a manageable size for smaller blades to cut the pieces into smaller items.

That is when the diamond grinding process starts and gradually the color is brought from a dull lifeless feature to brilliant gems.



Additional information

Finger Size

U.S: '8' U.K: 'P'


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