Boulder Opal Ring 5400


Opal Ring information

A stunning boulder opal matrix, high domed and set in sterling silver

Opal Ring 5400 is a stunning green-blue natural boulder opal.

Opal field:  Boulder opal Queensland fields  Opal picture guide here

Shape:  Free-form

Size: 14×10 mm

Additional stones: Solitaire

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Finger size:  U.S. 8.5   UK Q 1/2  For more information about finger sizes from Europe and Asia, please check this sizing chart

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Boulder Opal Ring

For more information about boulder opals please click on the picture guide mentioned above but basically boulder opals are another kind of black opal.  The difference being that the ‘mother’ of this type of opal is chocolate colored ironstone found often in large boulders in the Winton, Quilpie, Yowah, Koroit areas of western Queensland.

This particular stone is a boulder opal matrix from the Winton field.  It has an unusually high dome with brilliant splashes of color against the chocolate brown ironstone.  “matrix” means that the opal features are held in the matrix or mother ironstone.

These amazing stones are very secure and reliable and of course, this ring comes with an international perpetual guarantee.



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