Boulder opal bracelet


Boulder Opal Bracelet

Please note that this bracelet is completely adjustable and will fit any size wrist

A cluster of 7 solid boulder opals from the western Queensland opal fields in Australia.  These stones are unique to this part of the world and the variety of colors displayed are a constant cause of amazement.  Set in pure sterling silver.

Field: Queensland (Australia) Stone Size: a variety of sizes Color: White Total Stones: 7 Metal:  Sterling silver

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Opal Bracelet Varieties

There are many varieties of bracelets, the most well known of them being charm, cuff, bangle, chain, gemstone. The one shown here is a gemstone bracelet


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Opal bracelet stones

a variety of boulder opals

Boulder opal solid opal stones from the Winton opal fields in western Queensland. As with all opals, these beautiful pieces come in all colors of the rainbow, and as you can see this variety of 7 gives you blues, greens pinks in both black and light-colored opal.



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